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  • Abeer Al Hassan

    Senior Nurse

    Departments: Administration
  • Adele Stanbury

    Grade 1 Teacher

    Departments: Primary School
    Adele was born in Yorkshire, in the United Kingdom, and has also lived in Zambia, South Africa with her family. Adele graduated from Edith Cowan University in Perth in 1986 with a Diploma of Teaching. Adele also holds a Bachelor of Arts with a Major in Public Relations and a Minor in Education. She has since spent many years living and teaching in Australia. Adele is married to Darren and has two teenage children, Nikita and Thomas.
    This is Adele’s first International posting, joining Ajman Academy in 2017. Adele has taught all year levels across the Elementary school in Western Australia, Queensland and Victoria in Australia, with over 25 years of teaching experience. She has a passion for teaching younger children and has a strong interest in improving children’s literacy. Adele has relished the challenge of teaching different curriculums and working with new teachers, parents and students. Her strength lies in her ability to communicate easily and effectively with people, and in wanting to get to know them at both a professional and more personal level.
    Her passion is travel, and Adele has a thirst for exploring new places and for meeting new people! She has a love of dance and music. Adele enjoys walking, swimming, zumba, yoga and pilates. As a result of travel, she has developed a love of photography.
  • Ahamed Haja

    Technical Leader

    Departments: Administration
    Ahamed Haja hails from India and has a degree in Computer Application and is MCSE certified by Microsoft.
    He has more than six years of experience in the IT field within multiple international companies here in the UAE. In his last post, he worked as an ICT Administrator before being promoted to the Head of ICT Technical Department which he held for two years.
    Ahamed Haja is passionate about working with Ajman Academy, he especially enjoys being involved with the technology integration in the classroom and seeing how it is used to educate our students across all grades.
    His hobbies include playing cricket, listening to music and keeping an eye on all new technology releases.
  • Ahmad Al Hmidi

    Islamic Teacher

    Departments: Secondary School, Arabic, Islamic
  • Ahmed Rifayi

    Deputy Accountant

    Departments: Administration
  • Alaa Abdulhay


    Departments: Secondary School, Administration
  • Alanna Keane

    English Teacher

    Departments: Secondary School, English
    Secondary Title: Grade 10 Boys Mentor
    Alanna join us as a secondary school English teacher. She was born and raised in the west of Ireland and speaks both English and Irish fluently. There she obtained an honours degree in English and the Irish language, later moving on to study a Post-Graduate Degree in Secondary Education with The University of Nottingham. She joined Ajman Academy after three years as Head of English and History in an International school in Dubai. Alanna loves music, reading and nature. She has worked as an English teacher in the U.A.E for seven years, and her passion for teaching has only grown with every year. Alanna believes that as much as teachers are integral in learning, they are also students themselves. She believes that teachers must be open to personal development in order to provide a well-rounded educational experience in the classroom.
  • Ali Abdallah Ali

    Arabic Teacher

    Departments: Secondary School, Arabic
    Email Address:
  • Ali Imdad Ali

    General Maintenance

    Departments: Administration
    Secondary Title: School Gardener
  • Alia Al Amleh

    Arabic Teacher

    Departments: Primary School
    Alia is from Jordan; she is married and a mother. She has graduated from the American University of Sharjah (Education). She took different workshops in education and using resources.
    Alia has worked for twenty-six years as a teacher in the Foundation Stage 1 and 2 in UAE and Palestine.
    Alia believes that the foundation stage is a very important stage in a child’s life, and her role as a teacher is crucial. A Teacher can help to build an educated generation, with self-confidence and independence. She also believes that choosing the right resources and using them correctly, can help to provide a good environment for the child.
  • Ammara Ali

    Examination Officer

    Departments: Administration
    Secondary Title: Secondary ICT Teacher
  • Amna Begum

    Grade 3 Teacher

    Departments: Primary School
    Amna was born and raised in the United Kingdom where she studied and gained a Bachelors in Education. She has also spent 10 years working in a school setting in various roles. When looking for a new adventure she moved to the UAE with her husband, who is also a teacher and worked at Gems Wesgreen International School in Sharjah for 5 years.

    While at Wesgreen she developed her skills in teaching Grade 2 and also took on the role of the Curriculum lead for Math where she worked strategically to raise the standards for the children in her year group. The underpinning factor of every part of her practice is ensuring that the children in her care feel safe, loved, valued and confident to take risks and have a go. Amna’s students can expect a teacher who is consistent and fair, whilst being positive, caring and genuinely interested in their growth as future citizens.

    Amna’s role as an educator is to use her knowledge of high-quality teaching and learning to relentlessly inspire children to have a natural inquisition and desire to learn. She believes that alongside the academic skills that we endeavour to nurture in our children, it is of paramount importance that we teach them life skills and personal qualities by being a role model for kindness, determination and respect.
  • Andrew Lewis

    Grade 4 Teacher

    Departments: Primary School
    Andrew was born in Newport, South Wales. He wanted to be a teacher from an early age, after being inspired by a sports-mad teacher he had in his primary school. He Qualified with a Bachelor of Education degree (B. Ed Hons) in June 1991 from the University of Wales and has been teaching ever since. He worked in two schools in South Wales for a total of 16 years and was a class teacher and a coordinator for science, maths, ICT, and PE. In 2001 he became a Deputy Headteacher and had that role for six years before moving to Ras Al Khaimah in 2007.

    Andrew joined RAKESS ( now RAK Academy) in 2007, initially as a class teacher and then as Deputy Head. He worked there until 2018 and was then privileged to open a new school for RAK Academy in Al Rams as Head of school. Andrew is married to Caroline and has two children, Nadia who is in the UK studying Psychology at University, and Cian, who will begin his A levels this year and is an outstanding rugby player. He also admits that his wife Caroline is by far the most creative member of the family!

    Andrew is a firm believer that every pupil has a talent, whether it be in maths, science, languages, sport, or the arts and it is a teacher's responsibility to identify that talent and help pupils reach their full potential. He hopes to inspire children in the same way he was inspired as a boy, by providing enjoyable, engaging lessons within a fun environment. He loves to see pupils being curious and asking questions. He is also a firm believer in pupil's respecting themselves and others.
  • Ankush Chand (Sharma)


    Departments: Administration
  • Apolonia Mergulhao

    Bus Nanny / Cleaner

    Departments: Primary School, Administration
  • Arwa Sayyam

    Arabic Teacher

    Departments: Primary School, Arabic
    Arwa was born and raised in Jordan. She has a Bachelor Degree in the Arabic Language. She has been in UAE since 2013 and worked at Ajman Academy for the last seven years. Arwa has 29 years teaching experience which was taken her to many countries such as Oman, Jordan and Saudi Arabia through in primary levels from Grade 1 to Grade 6. Arwa has specialised training in the Special Education field as well as hold an Apple Teacher certificate. Arwa is married and has one daughter and two sons.
    Arwa’s ethos for teaching is to provide a favourable environment for the students to develop them to be responsible, thinkers and open-minded. Arwa provides innovative lessons through the use of technology and allows her students the opportunity to be creative in their learning experiences. Her students are confident and hold a high level of respect to their peers and community. Arwa always pushes her students to succeed and reach their full academic potential as she believes every student deserves that success.
  • Azza Ibrahim

    Arabic Teacher Support

    Departments: Primary School, Arabic
  • Bakr Al Ahmad

    Islamic Teacher

    Departments: Secondary School, Arabic, Islamic
    Bakr was born in Syria and has a Bachelor in Islamic Education from Damascus University.
    With twelve years experience in Syria and the United Arab Emirates, he has attended many different training sessions and workshops, which have taught, teaching morals and teacher development as well as how to teach children with learning difficulties. Bakr has also attended training on how to improve a student’s recital of the Qur'an (Tajweed) as the Prophet Mohammed, peace and blessings be upon him, recited.
    Bakr has the skills to deal with different age groups. He can discover the strengths of the student and encourages that student to build upon those strengths.
  • Belal Khaled Satouf

    Arabic & Islamic Specialist

    Departments: Primary School, Islamic
  • Busauo Mercy Akinyemiju


    Departments: Administration
  • Cara Frances Black

    Biology Teacher

    Departments: Secondary School, Science
    Secondary Title: Head of Department - Science
    Other Titles: Grade 7 Boys Mentor
    Cara has over ten years of experience teaching science, specialising in Biology, including seven years teaching at schools in England and five years teaching in schools in the UAE. During this time she has taught MS science, GCSE, iGCSE, A level and IAL Biology, and the American curriculum Biology AP, as well as holding positions of responsibility within the science departments she has worked within.

    Cara was born and raised in London, England, and holds a BSc (Hons) Biological Sciences degree from the University of Essex and a Secondary Science PGCE from the University of Exeter. More recently she has completed her NPQML with University College London, and she is currently completing her Masters in Education with the University of Exeter.

    Cara’s educational philosophy is child-centred, focused on developing in her learners the subject knowledge and critical thinking skills required to engage with scientific issues and developments in our global society.

    Cara is an avid SCUBA diver and a committee member of the BSAC406 dive club in Sharjah. In her spare time, she enjoys diving and travelling, with a particular interest in ocean conservation.
  • Carmencita Villalon Ramilo 

    Bus Nanny

    Departments: Primary School, Administration
  • Caroline Lewis


    Departments: Primary School
    Caroline was born and raised in Newport, Wales. After leaving college she joined LloydsTSB Bank. During her 15 years, some of her roles included Fraud Manager, Business Continuity Manager for UK and Mumbai, and Risk Manager.

    Caroline joined RAK Academy in 2007. During her time there she worked on health and safety, built the school's incident response plans and retrained as a Librarian. The library opened with 300 books, now in 2021, the library has over 26,000 books and resources with over 10,000 books bought as a result of Caroline running the book fairs. Caroline believes the library should be a fun, stimulating environment where every child has access to books so they can develop a love of reading. She also believes there is a book for EVERYONE! In 2020 Caroline come 2nd out of 123 entries for UAE Librarian of the year.

    Outside work Caroline is sport mad! She has run many marathons and half marathons, 12 in Ras Al Khaimah. She has provided medical support for her son's rugby team in Dubai for the last 9 years. When she's not with the rugby team or running you will find her in the gym!

    Caroline has been married to Andrew for 20 years and has two children, both sport mad too! Her daughter Nadia is studying Psychology at Cardiff University. She loves the gym and is a great left-footed footballer. Her son Cian is studying for his A levels. He loves all aspects of sport and has represented the UAE for touch rugby.

    Caroline is enthusiastic, works with a positive attitude, and is looking forward to supporting the staff, students, and parents at Ajman Academy.
  • Charmaine Van Zyl

    English Teacher

    Departments: Secondary School, English
    Secondary Title: Head of Student Achievement and Wellbeing
    Charmaine was born and raised in sunny South Africa. She speaks English and Afrikaans and is passionate about nature and wildlife.
    She obtained a BEd: SF and FET degree from the University of South Africa. She taught English, Geography and Math at two different high schools in South Africa and was an Academic Quality Controller at the International School of Choueifat for three years.
    Charmaine believes that when you teach, you touch the future.
    She strongly agrees with Nelson Mandela’s view on education – “Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.”
  • Christian Ravena

    Teaching Assistant

    Departments: Primary School, Administration
    Secondary Title: Grade 4 & 5
    Other Titles: Administration Assistant
    Christian Angelo Ravena was born and raised in Iloilo City the "City of love" of the Philippines. Graduate of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science in 2011. Started as a Customer Service Representative of different accounts such as T-mobile(UK) or currently merged under Everything Everywhere (EE), Comcast and Netspend USA. Afterwards, he became a Community Facilitator for the Philippine's Social Services Department known as "DSWD or Department of Social Welfare and Development" where he learned to manage and handle people of different age and educational attainment.
    He later became a Computer Programmer for the Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board (HLURB) which is a government office in the Philippines. He started teaching in 2013 as an Assistant Instructor for Basic Computer, teaching first-year students in his alma mater, Northern Iloilo Polytechnic State College (NIPSC). When he moved to UAE, he became a Shadow Teacher for students in Ajman Academy before being promoted to Assistant Teacher in 2016.
    He believes that to teach is to touch lives forever. The students of today are the makers of tomorrow. He is doing his best to teach children through knowledge, passion and with all his heart.
  • Claire Chapman

    Classroom Teacher

    Departments: Primary School
    Claire Chapman is a BA (Hons) UK primary trained teacher who has been extremely lucky to achieve her dream career for the past 7 years. She loves working with children and seeing them thrive and achieve in every way. Through her specialism (PSHE), she understands the importance of making all children feel secure in order to bring out their full potential, this is the heart of her ethos.
    Claire continually promotes positivity, respect, motivation and trust, which helps to build true connections with her students, which in turn helps her students to become confident and engaged. Claire originates from Southport, England but decided that there was a big world out there and decided to teach abroad. She moved to the UAE in 2014, landed in Ras Al Khaimah and fell in love with the place, the culture and the people. Since moving to RAK, she has worked in both Grade 1 and Grade 2 at RAK Academy and is very excited to join such a wonderful school to continue her career. In her spare time, Claire enjoys playing golf and exploring new places that the UAE has to offer as well as travelling and learning about new cultures to enhance her understanding of the world. This allows her to share experiences with children to enable them to be Global Citizens of the future.
  • Clare Eastwood

    Pre-KG Teacher

    Departments: Primary School
    Secondary Title: Grade Leader
  • Claudia Marino

    KG2 Teacher

    Departments: Primary School
    Claudia Marino is proud of being born and raised in Colombia, South America, a very beautiful country with lots of things to see and do. She holds a BA in Foreign Languages Teaching, an MA in Languages Teaching, and an MA in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. Claudia has been teaching for 15 years and she still finds it enriching and exciting. She enjoys working with children, spending her working days surrounded by their love, imagination, and happiness. When Claudia is not at work she is usually learning new things (languages, skills, dances, etc.), reading and travelling. She is very thankful and excited about working at Ajman Academy.
  • Clodagh Harris

    Classroom Teacher

    Departments: Primary School
    Clodagh Harris was born and raised in the west of Ireland. She graduated from the University of Limerick with a Bachelors Degree in Early Childhood and Education. Clodagh has been teaching in the UAE for the last four years in the International School of Choueifat and has previous teaching experience in primary and preschools in Ireland. She believes professional development is a very important role for educators and completed CELTA, a Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages accredited by Cambridge in 2019.
    Clodagh is very passionate about scaffolding children’s learning through play and providing positive learning experiences for children to explore their sense of identity and belonging. Clodagh believes that partnership with parents and a child centered approach in the classroom is very important for children’s development and well-being.
    Clodagh is looking forward to joining the Ajman Academy team and is excited to fully embrace the schools philosophy and values.
  • Coba Burger

    KG1 Teacher

    Departments: Primary School
    Secondary Title: Grade Leader

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